The ship building history at WESTERN SHIPYARD began in 1998, when the first fishing vessel ”Vendla“ was built. Our daughter company WESTERN BALTIJA SHIPBUILDING was established in August 2010, when two largest Lithuanian ship building companies Western Shipbuilding Yard and “Baltija” Shipbuilding Yard have merged.

Currently, WESTERN BALTIJA SHIPBUILDING (WBS) is the largest and most powerful shipbuilding company in the Baltic States. WBS is consistently implementing its strategy of developing, designing and building specialized, unique vessels, which are beeing exported to Germany, France, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries.

Ship building is a complex process that requires complex solutions. WESTERN SHIPYARD (WSY) is a group of companies that specialize in different fields of activity and provides all services related to the life cycle of a ship, as well as participate in implementing „turn-key“ ship building projects.

WSY companies involved in the ship building process:

  • Western Baltic Engineering provides complex ship design and engineering solutions;
  • Western Piping Systems produces all marine/industrial piping, heat exchanges and ship boilers;
  • Vakarų Metalgama purifies, primes, provides thermal cutting and storage of metal sheets and profiles, prepares and cuts every single detail from the smallest to the biggest one;
  • Baltic Premator Klaipeda provides cleaning and painting of ships and metal constructions;
  • Western Central Laboratory performs destructive and non-destructive tests of materials, chemical analysis and physical measurements;
  • Elme Transportas provides all transport and equipment rental services;
  • Elmelit supplies technical equipment and materials.
450 Highly skilled employees
279x180 m Workshop dimensions LxB
41.546 m2 Total production area
25 ha Total territory