Company Scope
Western Shiprepair Ship maintenance, repair and conversion.
Western Stevedoring
+370 605 342 94, [email protected],

Terminal Handbook-Emergency procedures

Western Baltic Engineering
Complex ship design and engineering solutions.
+370 46 483 617, [email protected],
Western Ships Agency
Agency, chartering and freight forwarding services.
+370 46 483 652, [email protected],
Western Piping Systems
Production, repairs and testing of marine/industrial piping, heat exchanges and ship boilers.
+370 647 563 17, [email protected],
Vakarų Techninė Tarnyba
Energy services.
+370 46 483 604, [email protected],
Baltic Premator Klaipėda
Cleaning and painting of ships and metal constructions.
+370 652 662 59, [email protected],
Western Central Laboratory
Performance of destructive and non-destructive tests of materials, chemical analysis and physical measurements.
+370 46 483 666, [email protected],

CERTIFICATION AND WELDING TECHNOLOGIES DEPARTMENT of WESTERN CENTRAL LABORATORY performs certification of welders and welding operators/setters in accordance with the requirements of LST EN ISO / IEC 17024 in accordance with the following standards (requirements):
– LST EN ISO 9606-1 Qualification testing of welders. Fusion welding. Part 1. Steels;
– LST EN ISO 14732 Welding personnel. Qualification testing of welding operators and weld setters for mechanized and automatic welding of metallic materials.


A document describing the certification procedure for welders or welding operators;
Application for certification of welders or welding operators;
WCL quality policy;
Complaints and appeals procedure

Western Technological Solutions Production of stainless steel and aluminum constructions.
+370 610 684 23, [email protected],
Vakarų buitis
Cleaning solutions for ship repair and production.
+370 46 483 683,
Vakarų Apskaitos Grupė
Financial and bookkeeping accounting.
+370 46 483 640, [email protected],
Vakarų Metalgama Purification, priming, thermal cutting and storage of metal sheets and profiles.
Technical equipment and materials supply.
+370 46 483 692, [email protected]
Elme Transportas All transport and equipment rental services.
Elme Metall Lithuania Purchasing and sales of metal and metal products.
MacGregor BLRT Baltic
Hatch cover, RO-RO, ramp, crane repair, modernization and design work as well as fast repair service while ship handling in port.
+370 620 390 60
Wärtsilä BLRT Estonia OÜ Diesel Engine, Propulsion and Auxiliary devices repair service and spare parts supply.
Marine Technology
Wide range of services for concept development, production and implementation of equipment (EPCI), as well as management of engineering projects for oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.
+370 46 483 844, [email protected], [email protected]
Mereabi OÜ Klaipeda Branch Marine safety service provider, which specialises in maintenance of wide range of marine equipment and appliances.