Registration and booking system

Registration and booking system of the permits to access the company’s territory

WSY permit order self-service is a convenient, simple and modern way for guests, vehicles and carriers to get a permit to access the territory of the companies of WSY Group. Now you will be able to order a permit for a person, vehicle or carrier with/without cargo at any time convenient for you without leaving your home or office. You will only need to choose a person or company you (or the person authorised by you) are going to. 

* Persons and their transport are allowed to access the territory of the Western Shipyard only with the permits issued by the Control Department. Upon arrival at the company’s territory, persons must have a valid permit and an identity document.



If you have not registered yet, click Register. and follow the registration instructions.

Log in

Once you are registered, in the self-service window select Log in and enter your login details.


Create an application for one or more passenger(s) and / or vehicle(s).


Check the data you entered and follow the instructions.


Submit an application. Your application will be processed and approved by the responsible persons.

*Important! Two e-mail messages will be sent to your e-mail.  In the first message you will see a request to confirm your e-mail address and in the second you will receive a confirmation of login details.

*Important! Once your application is submitted, the data is immediately transferred for processing. Editing is no longer possible. If you made a mistake or changed your mind, you can “Reject” the permit that has been issued.


All orders in one place

Tracking and history of applications and permits

Permit status management

3. FAQs

A specialised permit ordering system used for access to the territories of the companies of WSY Group. Here you may order different types of permits at any time you want to. You may monitor application approval processes.

The self-service can be used by anyone who has contractual or other relations with the companies of WSY Group and need to access the territory under the supervision of customs.

The services of issuing of permits are subject to payment. The prices of different types of permits issued are calculated in accordance with the price list.
The use of this website is free for customers and those related to the companies of WSY Group under contractual or other obligations.

You can use the self-service website when you register and then log in.

Use the password reset function Forgot my password.

Permanent permits are printed and issued at WSY Permit Office at the address Minijos Str. 180 or Pilies Str. 8 depending on the destination territory.
Permits for pedestrians are issued at the pedestrian checkpoints, for those arriving by vehicles – at the transport checkpoints and Permit Office (the pedestrian post). An identity document must be provided upon withdrawal of the permit.

IMPORTANT: long term permits are only issued at the Permit Office from 07:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Payment for the paid permits is made by bank transfer to the account specified below.
Payment details:
The amount to be paid is given upon ordering of the permit;
Please send a copy of the transfer by e-mail.

An invoice for the issued paid permits will be sent by the e-mail specified in the registered user’s account.
For more information please call +370 46 483664, +370 46 398199, send an email at [email protected]