Ship repair

The ship repair history at WESTERN SHIPYARD began in 1966, when it was decided upon that a big tonnage ship repair yard was to be built in the southern part of the port, specializing in the construction and the grown of Lithuanian fleet repair. On July 18th 1969, the first ship was already docked for repair.

Our daughter company Western Shiprepair was established in 2003, after a successful diversification of WESTERN SHIPYARD activities.

Currently, WESTERN SHIPYARD is a part of BLRT REPAIR YARDS, which unite three ship repair yards in Klaipėda (Lithuania), Tallinn (Estonia) and Turku (Finland).

Design and technical support, repair, maintenance and retrofit of different types of vessels are yards` main activities which are provided at a highest level.

WSY companies involed in the ship repair process:

235 m * 45 m Largest floating dock in the Baltics
Over 900 m of berths
14,5 m depth
Ice free port